Goodreads: A Life-Changing Experience

There are a lot of articles on how useful or convenient, or disappointing one or another app is. I could do the same with Goodreads – tell why I use it every day and what, at the same time, I find to be annoying about it. But I want to dive more into my personalContinue reading “Goodreads: A Life-Changing Experience”

Electric Sky

Lights going off in my room. The play’s over.Sky’s now lit up. And electric reality starts.Sky is now bruised. Let the rain-leaves become healing clover.Clouds dance, as if there’s a party of damp, weeping hearts.I’m not invited. I’m inside. I’m out of their circle,Sitting alone at the screen and just reading some Joyce.Rain seems toContinue reading “Electric Sky”

My Silver Expression

One of my greatest inspirations on WordPress ever ever since I have been on-and-off blogging here has been lifewithlilred blog. Recently, I have read another post by Sarah, where she shares her style preferences and favourite accessories. I loved the post so much that I decided to make a similar one, especially when I discoveredContinue reading “My Silver Expression”

Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’: My Personal Faves from the New Album

Music helps me focus, so, when I write, I often switch something on and than sit there with my big headphones on, resembling a UFO creature. Yesterday, I chose to get down to Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’. I love how Taylor keeps changing her style from one album to another – if ‘Taylor Swift’, ‘Fearless’ andContinue reading “Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’: My Personal Faves from the New Album”

Too Much Coffee

You remember, we found ourselves In a small and stuffy coffee cup. In a trap – black, and strong, and so smokey. There was no escape – wide open eyes. Wide awake I was – aware of you. Bookless ashes on black, burnt-down shelves, And two coffee-cups close – looking up. And the flickering light,Continue reading “Too Much Coffee”

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