Watermelon Snow

Hi, Watermelon Snow.You’re here for summer.Sweet, fruity snow. As sticky as brown honey.Too sweet to feel unhappy, when you’re ’round.When real snow wins over, I don’t want to know.For now – the world is fun, the world is funny.And bees are making singing summer sounds.

Electric Sky

Lights going off in my room. The play’s over.Sky’s now lit up. And electric reality starts.Sky is now bruised. Let the rain-leaves become healing clover.Clouds dance, as if there’s a party of damp, weeping hearts.I’m not invited. I’m inside. I’m out of their circle,Sitting alone at the screen and just reading some Joyce.Rain seems toContinue reading “Electric Sky”

Too Much Coffee

You remember, we found ourselves In a small and stuffy coffee cup. In a trap – black, and strong, and so smokey. There was no escape – wide open eyes. Wide awake I was – aware of you. Bookless ashes on black, burnt-down shelves, And two coffee-cups close – looking up. And the flickering light,Continue reading “Too Much Coffee”

I Just Love It

Glasses, lips and shoes – Red is all I choose, You are of no use Anymore. Yellow coat embrace Laugh into your face. My heart lacks your space. Close the door. Forgive me, I am getting savage, This passion’s more than I can manage, My heart belongs to this new outfit Don’t be jealous –Continue reading “I Just Love It”


Green rain filling her green eyes, Green grass painting her dress green. Don’t ask whether she has been Charmed by spells of dark-green sky She won’t tell you what it means – To run in the green of moors, To feel green out of your doors, To enchant someone with green. You will never comeContinue reading “Green”

A Woman’s Destiny Made Up By a Man

Now everything around me’s just some fiction – A novel by a drunk, good-hearted man Who’s half-asleep, and tired beyond description, He fills the lines as crazily as one can. He writes of changing, but so lonesome settings, Of people, who are not unkind, but dull, Of some unpleasant past I keep forgetting, Of chaos-drivenContinue reading “A Woman’s Destiny Made Up By a Man”

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